Need tech support? Help with a computer purchase? Help setting up your smart phone, your tablet or pad, your network, your email and much more? These are just examples of the kinds of calls we deal with daily. We're friendly, amazingly helpful, experienced and wise in the way of technology. We don't read from a script - ever. Why call India? Why call India? Give us a call today: (360) 881-0274

Computer Concierge Tech Support

How many frustrating hours do want to spend on the phone trying to understand "Ralph" from Mumbai? Can you really trust your technology to a teen geek making minimum wage? Is he/she really a "genius" as the marketing said? Your time and peace of mind are valuable commodities. Do not cast those pearls before techno-swine. We have got your back. 

The majority of people purchasing and using computers, phones and tablets today do it with a constant drone of anxiety. You don't have to be among them. As Ralph Alterowitz of Venture Tech Corp says, "Everyone needs a McKenzie!"

Here are just a few reasons how you can stop worrying and let your tech work for you rather than the other way around:

  • We have years of experience in caring for our clients and their technology
  • We can be in your office or home in seconds via remote access. Much faster than the geek kid down the street. 
  • We are responsible adults and we will protect your sensitive data. We keep the same confidentiality you would expect from a lawyer or therapist. 
  • We become your tech team. We know your system. You don't have to repeat long explanations or jump through pre-support validation. You call - we are "on it" right away. 
  • We can stay in touch with your technology and often fix problems before you know they are happening. 
  • We stay current and spend time everyday reviewing the latest tech and security issues, always keeping our clients needs in mind.  
  • We are not just geeks. We understand business, profit, marketing, and personal needs. We tailor our support to your specific desires and needs. 

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Spec and purchase your new computer, pad or phone
  • Setup your new computer, pad or phone the right way and they way you like it.
  • Show you hundreds of software tricks to save you time and money.
  • Make your software do the work you have been doing yourself (or paying your staff to do) for years. 
  • Help you protect your computer from malware and fix it if you get attacked
  • Get your email working on your phone
  • Fix your problem even though tech support just told you to re-install Windows.
  • Help you setup your network and share important data
  • Interview your potential new hires and make sure they have the technical skills needed to do the job. 
  • Work with aging family members to help them stay protected and get the best mix of easy to use technology
  • Help with cost benefits and pros and cons of any tech purchase
  • Work on your behalf to get you a refund or replacement for your tech products